Men’s Ministry

Every day, the world bombards men with mixed messages about success, relationships, and happiness. Now, more than ever, it takes grit to be the kind of men God wants us to be. We are here to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you as we pursue God’s design for manhood.

Men's Ministry

Armor Bearers

Who We Are

The Men’s Prayer Ministry is the most vital ministry for men in our church. Gathering together and praying corporately and consistently on a weekly basis, we petition God to rain fire down on us with His manifest presence.

We desire to see every man in our church become an Armor Bearer – a man who displays God in a way that it is easily passed on to those around us. Our families, our church and our community need to experience the power of our GREAT God and it starts with the men!

Corporate Prayer Gathering

Each Sunday Morning before Sunday School in the Sanctuary at 9:30


For further information about the Armor Bearers please contact the church office @ 706-788-2214.

Baptist Men

Who We Are

Baptist Men is an ongoing Men’s Ministry of Colbert FBC. Members are men of all ages and walks of life who have joined together as brothers, united by our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We’re not “super Christians”, we’re just regular guys who are committed to growing closer to Jesus and to supporting and encouraging each other.

We are leaders and faithful supporters in the church. But more than anything we are servants in that same sense that Christ modeled servant-leadership in John 13. Our purpose is to serve God in humility; to serve all men of Colbert FBC in brotherhood; to serve our families in love; and to serve our church and community in faithfulness.

Built to Serve

Care and Brotherhood – Provides care, support, encouragement and assistance to participants. Offers programs to build camaraderie and closeness among the brotherhood.

Outreach and Service – Plans and executes programs to reach out to the community and specifically to men who need Christ. Plans and executes service projects.


The Bible tells us in James 1:22 “Be ye doers of the Word, and not hearers only…”  This truth is central to the Colbert Baptist Men, and in fulfilling our mission we seek to fulfill the call of James 1:22.

  • Church cleanup/maintenance
  • Minor property maintenance/cleanup for those in need
  • Ministering to brothers in any type of need
  • Confidential prayer support network


For further information on this ministry please call the church office @ 706-788-2214 or Roger Easterwood @ 706-788-2421.