What is your church doing to stop the spread during worship services?
We currently are practicing social distancing at all times and at all events, indoor or outdoor. We are blessed with several spacious options to host gatherings and classes. Masks are encouraged but not required unless 6ft distancing is not possible. Here you will find some of the efforts we are making to responsibly worship in person: there are sanitizing stations at each main entry and there is no passed offering plate (drop in, mail in, or online giving all available), we are requesting that only families and close friends sit together and we are staggering our exit by section to reduce crowding in doorways.

What are you recommending members do if they are exposed or have symptoms?
Quite simply we are following the CDC recommended guidelines for religious institutions and non-profits. A thorough explanation of those recommendations can be found at this link: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/faith-based.html.

If you are in quarantine and cannot go to school or work, we ask that you have the same approach to attending our in person services. We have readily made everything available online and while we know it isn’t the same, it will help bridge the gap until your 14 day waiting period is complete.

What happens if I attend a service and get sick?
Thanks to the GA Senate Bill 359, our church is not responsible for the spread of the virus on our facilities as we are doing our very best to practice all CDC recommended guidelines from hand washing, mask encouragement, sanitizing, social distancing, deep cleaning, etc. If you join us for worship you assume the risks associated with common infection and germ spread. We have signs posted at our main entry points. For a more thorough explanation of how this bill pertains to churches you can visit: https://christianindex.org/new-law-protects-churches-covid-19-liability/