Each year our church participates in a shoebox drive sponsored by Samaritan’s Purse called, “Operation Christmas Child.” While this year might look at little bit different, we still look forward to serving in this manner with you all. If you don’t feel like you can comfortably donate a box this year physically we understand, there are three ways for you to still be a part of this ministry: 1) You can donate! Feel free to give toward our efforts by placing a check in the drop box on your way in or out on Sunday’s marked for Operation Christmas Child OR give online by visiting our online giving form (if it’s not coming up as an option when you check, come back in a few days). 2) You can build a box online on our virtual page! Our OCC director Amy Smith has set up a page where you can help virtually complete a box and participate. Simply visit https://build-a-shoebox.samaritanspurse.org/goal/view/427576e8-b167-432a-8137-71625c7d0ee3?fbclid=IwAR3jDraR6iElsKNr6QG7FB9-3UZob8m5Pw5Xh0b4lS7ZAzLS5WVB6UUmBl0 and follow the on screen instructions! To hear more info on that watch the announcement section posted below! And 3) You can still fill and prepare your own shoebox and leave it at this church as we will be collecting them over the next few weeks!